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Wireless Wizard Technologies Inc.; Raymond Michael Roger Sasseville; Edith Marie Sasseville; Richard Keller; Executive Director

Date Opened:
Hearing Type:
Acting contrary to public interest; Illegal distribution; Trading without registration
Hearing held; Submissions complete; Findings rendered; Submissions complete; Decision rendered
Hearing Dates:
2014-01-21; 2014-06-19; 2014-08-26; 2014-10-29 - 2014-10-31; 2014-11-03; 2015-02-02; 2015-11-09;
Judith Downes - Chair, Nigel P Cave, George C. Glover, Don Rowlatt
Please Note:
Hearing concluded. On December 9, 2015, the Panel issued its Decision. On January 22, 2016, the respondents filed a notice of application for leave to appeal with the British Columbia Court of Appeal. The Appellant's application for leave to appeal is adjourned generally. On January 26, 2017 the Court of Appeal placed this matter on the inactive appeal list.

Notices & Decisions

Date Issued Document Type Description
2016-01-22 Application Notice of application for leave to appeal BC Securities Commission findings dated June 6, 2015 and decision dated December 9, 2015.
2015-12-10 News release News release
2015-12-09 Decision 2015 BCSECCOM 443
2015-10-09 Notice Hearing Notice - Adjournment 2015 BCSECCOM 378
2015-07-09 Notice Hearing Notice - hearing dates 2015 BCSECCOM 275
2015-06-04 News release News Release
2015-06-04 Findings 2015 BCSECCOM 100
2014-09-30 Notice of hearing Amended Notice of Hearing 2014 BCSECCOM 402
2014-08-11 Application Application regarding Limitation Period
2013-12-18 Notice of hearing 2013 BCSECCOM 545
2013-12-18 News release News release