Quantum Materials Corp. (formerly Hague Corp.) [Revocation Order]

Temporary Orders

Quantum Materials Corp. (formerly Hague Corp.) [Revocation Order]

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Temporary Orders
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Revocation Order

Quantum Materials Corp.
(formerly Hague Corp.)

Section 171 of the Securities Act, R.S.B.C. 1996, c. 418

1 On November 6, 2009, the Executive Director ordered under section 164(1) of the Act that all trading in the securities of Quantum Materials Corp. cease until it files the required records and the Executive Director revokes the cease trade order.

2 Quantum Materials applied for revocation of the cease trade order with the Executive Director in compliance with National Policy 12-202 Revocation of a Compliance-Related Cease Trade Order.

3 On March 13, 2014, the Executive Director entered into a settlement agreement with Quantum Materials.

4 The Executive Director considers that to revoke the cease trade order would not be prejudicial to the public interest.

5 Under section 171 of the Act, the Executive Director orders that the cease trade order is revoked.

6 March 17, 2014

      Allan Lim, CA
      Corporate Finance