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Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) National Cease Trade Order (CTO) Database. The National CTO database includes outstanding CTOs for companies and individuals from BC and other Canadian jurisdictions. Historical company CTO coverage begins in 1971 for some jurisdictions. The CSA website provides specific information about the coverage of the National CTO database.

The National CTO database includes cease trade orders for failure to file as well as cease trade orders found in enforcement decisions, settlements, and temporary orders.

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Date Subject Format
2014/10/30Joao C. Manuel and Ezequiel Sirotinsky [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/20Reliabrand Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/156D Global Technologies, Inc. (formerly CleanTech Innovations, Inc.) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/15Apolo Gold & Energy Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/09SafeBrain Systems, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/08Biomass Secure Power Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/08Wolverine Exploration Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/030941092 B.C. Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/03Strata Oil & Gas Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/03St. Elias Mines Ltd. and Vega Mining Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/09/24Trafina Energy Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/09/19Comstock Energy Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/09/17Hypower Fuel Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/09/11Tuscany International Drilling Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/09/10Ambient Water Corporation, Entourage Mining Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/09/10Mantra Venture Group Ltd. [Cease Trade Order ]
2014/09/09Green Standard Vanadium Resources Corp., Greenflag Ventures Inc., Longacre Resources Inc., Mianach Resource Acquisition Corp., Network Oncology Inc., Pro-Trans Ventures Inc., Wind River Energy Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/09/08BTU Capital Corp., China Keli Electric Company Ltd.,Grandfield Pacific Inc., Guyana Frontier Mining Corp., Innovente Inc., Lignol Energy Corporation, Mercator Transport Group Corporation, MountainStar Gold Inc., Red Ore Gold Inc., Reg Technologies Inc., Sacre-Coeur Minerals, Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/28Northaven Resources Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/26DMD Digital Health Connections Group Inc. (formerly Aptilon Corporation) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/20Atikwa Resources Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/18Verde Science, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/14CPSM, Inc.(formerly Nevcor Business Solutions Inc. which was formerly Sunbelt International Corp. which was formerly Lux Energy Corp.) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/12Great West Resources, Inc. (formerly Silver Horn Mining Ltd.) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/08Ironwood Gold Corp. and Sense Technologies Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/07DTS8 Coffee Company, Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/06Canada Renewable Bioenergy Corp., Capital Auction Market Inc., Cuervo Resources Inc., Galore Resources Inc., Guerrero Exploration Inc., Newlox Gold Ventures Corp., Norzan Enterprises Ltd., Pinestar Gold Inc., Sierra Madre Developments Inc., Simba Gold Corp., Sonoma Resources Inc., Sor Baroot Resources Corp., TAC Gold Corporation, Valhalla Resources Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/06Porto Energy Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/05Atoro Capital Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/08/05Multimedia Nova Corporation [Cease Trade Order]