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Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) National Cease Trade Order (CTO) Database. The National CTO database includes outstanding CTOs for companies and individuals from BC and other Canadian jurisdictions. Historical company CTO coverage begins in 1971 for some jurisdictions. The CSA website provides specific information about the coverage of the National CTO database.

The National CTO database includes cease trade orders for failure to file as well as cease trade orders found in enforcement decisions, settlements, and temporary orders.

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Date Subject Format
2014/07/25P2 Solar, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/24Pan American Goldfields Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/24Prospect Ventures, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/22DayStar Technologies, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/22Real Gamache [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/15Coronus Solar Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/11Linux Gold Corp. and Sense Technologies Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/10American Oil & Gas Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/10Pacific Vector Holdings Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/08Amanta Resources Ltd., Silk Road Ventures Ltd. and Tantalex Resources Corporation [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/08Sonomax Technologies Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/03CBM Asia Development Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/03Pacific Wildcat Resources Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/02Artha Resources Corporation [Cease Trade Order]
2014/07/02Sedibelo Platinum Mines Limited (formerly Platmin Limited) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/25ClickStream Corporation [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/25Jacques Pageau [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/19Sycamore Entertainment Group, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/13Western Plains Petroleum Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/10United Silver Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/09China Goldcorp Ltd., Everfront Ventures Corp., TG Residential Value Properties Ltd., Threegold Resources Inc., United China International Enterprises Group Ltd. and Web Watcher Systems Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/06SunVault Energy, Inc. and Vansen Pharma Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/05Gulfslope Energy, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/05Texas South Energy, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/05Wee-Cig International Corporation [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/04GreenStar Agricultural Corporation [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/03Oremex Silver Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/02Silcom Systems Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/02The Cash Store Financial Services Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/06/02Touchstone Gold Limited [Cease Trade Order]