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Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) National Cease Trade Order (CTO) Database. The National CTO database includes outstanding CTOs for companies and individuals from BC and other Canadian jurisdictions. Historical company CTO coverage begins in 1971 for some jurisdictions. The CSA website provides specific information about the coverage of the National CTO database.

The National CTO database includes cease trade orders for failure to file as well as cease trade orders found in enforcement decisions, settlements, and temporary orders.

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Date Subject Format
2015/01/22Vancord Capital Inc. (formerly Lyynks Inc.) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2015/01/07Olie Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2015/01/06Advanced New Frontier Oil & Gas Recovery Inc., Afri-Can Marine Minerals Corporation, BlackIce Enterprise Risk Management Inc., Brandenburg Energy Corp., DGS Minerals Inc., Magnum Energy Inc., and Sedex Mining Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2015/01/06Evermount Ventures Inc. and Flying A Petroleum Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/30Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/19Seafield Resources Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/19Triumph Ventures II Corporation [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/17Anavex Life Sciences Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/17Besra Gold Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/17Pure Hospitality Solutions, Inc. (formerly Oriens Travel & Hotel Management Corp.) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/16Strategic Asset Leasing Incorporated (formerly Mammoth Energy Group, Inc. which was formerly Vision Dynamics Inc. and Technigen Corporation) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/15Solara Exploration Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/10Laredo Resources Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/10P2 Solar, Inc. and Verde Science, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/09FSI Energy Group Inc., Geovic Mining Corp.. Marauder Resources East Coast Inc. Maudore Minerals Ltd., United China International Enterprises Group Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/09Hellix Ventures Inc., Hi Ho Silver Resources Inc., PDC Biological Health Group Corporation, Superior Mining International Corporation [Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/04Blink Technologies, Inc. (formerly ePunk, Inc., which was formerly Truesport Alliances & Entertainment, Ltd.) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/12/04SunOil Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/11/20Mercator Minerals Ltd. and Sonde Resources Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/11/19Apolo Gold & Energy Inc. [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/11/18Green Hygienics Holdings Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/11/05Argonaut Exploration Inc., Blackhawk Resource Corp., Clear Gold Resources Inc., EmberClear Corp., Five Nines Ventures Ltd., Galileo Webtrack Systems Corp., International Samuel Exploration Corp., KDR Industrials Ltd., NovaDx Ventures Corp., TG Residential Value Properties Ltd., TTM Resources Inc., Web Watcher Systems Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/11/05First Bitcoin Capital Corp. (formerly Grand Pacaraima Gold Corp.) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/11/05GEI Global Energy Corp. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/11/05Sense Technologies Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/30Joao C. Manuel and Ezequiel Sirotinsky and Petaquilla Minerals Ltd. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/20Reliabrand Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/156D Global Technologies, Inc. (formerly CleanTech Innovations, Inc.) [Variation of Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/15Apolo Gold & Energy Inc. [Cease Trade Order]
2014/10/09SafeBrain Systems, Inc. [Cease Trade Order]